A True Story

I was ambitious, I was bold, I loved beauties, I worked hard, I was positive towards life, I was hopeful that some day someone will understand me, love me, think for me, walk along with me… But alas !!! No one came.
Because that someone special not born in my this journey to the world.
I waited and waited and waited… At last I decided to suicide but unfortunately my three attempt failed. I lost interest in work, I started hating the females, I became 24 hour drinker, I willingly started destroying relationship, valuables and at last I found the right place for me the footpath. But that wasn’t last for long.
I used to ask my self why I was born? Just to do a job to earn money? Just to by a car or flat? Because only then you will get the love of your friends, relatives, or unknown someone special?
The answer came; “No you are not born to get someone special. You are born to do something special for the humankind. Until unless you finish your job you cannot quit from this life.”
I joined Anna. But I found that is not my way. I’m not here to shout slogans or do flag marches. I thought Join with Ramdev. But found the same thing there to do. then I decided to leave the materialistic world and became Sanyasi. But of my surprise these world is more materialistic then the material world. I found not more than two percent people talking on the subject of Spiritual or Occult Sciences or meditation or Kundalini or after death. Even saints or sanyasies coming from himalaya or deep Forrest, loves to tell the stories about the ministers and politicians they mate or how many followers or disciples they have are PhD, MD, MBBS, Engineers or foreigners etc. Many sadhu or swami thinks that person who don’t no English is illiterate. How funny?
I saw the Material world, I saw the spiritual world and I saw the political world. Every one is born for there own Interests.
I’m still in search of Humans who are not only looks like a human but by heart and soul also a human. No matter what there qualification is, no matter what there religion is, no matter what there sex is and no matter what there age is. May be two may be twenty or may be two hundred. They will be my soul-mate and well wishers who will help me finish my job for what I am born. But still I’m not in a hurry.
(A True Story)

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